Why SlimRide?

It’s a Smart Move!

SlimRide provides the cheapest home pickup and drop shared service for airport and railway stations in Bangalore. Whether going to or coming from airport or railway station in Bangalore, you can book a convenient and quality ride at the lowest fares. Want to know more about how our service will suit you the best? Read below.

Better than existing ridesharing options

If you are already a smart traveler who looks for ridesharing options, look what we have for you.

  • Book a confirmed ride upfront – no more posting or sending requests and waiting for hours or days to get a co-passenger.
  • No hassle of coordinating with your co-passengers in booking a cab, deciding on time etc.
  • Our optimized solution tells you the pickup and reaching times in advance
  • No hassle of not knowing the exact fare and splitting it at the end – pay a flat fare, known in advance.

Better than individual cabs

If you are a comfort seeker who only travels by private cabs, look how you can travel better with us.

  • Save almost half of your money spent on an individual cab ride to airport and railway stations
  • Positive impact on the community - saves precious fuel, lowers pollution, lowers traffic
  • No last minute cancellations
  • Travel in high quality sedans with high quality drivers
  • No worry of guessing the traffic and the travel time to decide the pick up time
  • No worry of driver taking a longer route for higher total fare in case of fare based on per Km basis
  • Increase your network, if you like

Better than buses

If you like convenience of home pick up and drop but who inevitably takes bus to save the high individual cab fare, look how our solution gives you the best of both world.

  • Convenience of home pick up and drop at reasonable additional cost
  • Better or equivalent time of travel
  • No need to worry about taking an auto/cab to go to the bus stop
  • No need to arrive at the bus stop early in anticipation and waste time
  • No more frequent and a large number of stops along the route

In short, whoever you are our solution will benefit you.

Check out our introductory fares here Fares and book your ride here Book Now.