How it Works?

It’s simple! Just follow a few steps and get a ride to or from airport or railway station in Bangalore at almost half the cost of a normal cab fare.

The booking

Booking through website is currently allowed 8 hours in advance. Desirable Reaching Time or Desirable Leaving Time has to be after 8 hours at the time of booking.

  • Enter the details in the booking section.
  • Check on the availability screen for fare, pick up/drop timings etc. Select the ride which suits you.
  • Proceed forward to login or signup and confirm the booking.

The Confirmation

You will get a confirmation email, message, or call about your ride within few minutes of booking. In case you don’t get a confirmation in some time, email us at

The Ride

Our solution is designed to optimally match customers. We place a high emphasis on optimal pooling and restrict the extra time taken over the normal direct travel. We also take into account the typical traffic conditions to further optimize our services.

The Pricing

Our fare is roughly half of what you will incur (including tolls, parking etc) while traveling alone by a cab. We will charge you a flat fare and you do not need to pay anything extra! Our pricing philosophy is customer rewarding in nature. The earlier you book, the lesser you will have to pay. Don’t believe it? Try it now here Book Now

The Mutual Promise

We believe in delivering great service, but we also believe that the customer also plays a small part in making the service excellent, especially in case of the sharing economy. We will keep all our promises and expect you to just follow a few simple instructions:

  • Be ready for pick up at your location at the pickup time mentioned. We will let you know our location and the time to your pickup all along the way. The lesser each person keeps the cab waiting, the better the experience for everyone will be.
  • Please mention the number of luggage if you would be carrying more than allowed in the fare.
  • Please don’t ask the driver to take any specific route or drop you first or last. Trust on us! We have developed the pickup, drop, and route decisions very carefully.
  • Avoid asking the driver to stop in between to pick up or purchase some item.
  • Respect your co-passengers and the driver.