Ride-sharing is nothing but sharing of a ride by more than one person. Essentially, it refers to sharing of seats in a vehicle by two or more individuals. Ridesharing can be done in cars, autos, bikes, jets or any vehicle for that matter. Carpooling is ridesharing where people share seats in a car. Cab-sharing is sharing of seats in a cab.

You should ride-share because it benefits you financially and also brings several other benefits. Cab-sharing is even more beneficial than carpooling as cab rides are normally quite expensive. Some of the major benefits of ride-sharing are:

Reduces cost of travel (50-60% or even more)
Protects environment
Saves precious non-renewable fuel
Reduces traffic by reducing number of vehicles on road
Reduces traffic by reducing number of vehicles on road
Provides chance of socializing and making new friends and can be better than a boring alone ride

Ridesharing or carpooling, done traditionally, has three major issues of uncertainty, hassles, and time taken, apart from other issues. Overall, the major issues which hinders ridesharing are:

There is no certainty of finding co-traveler(s) even when somebody posts or shares his or her schedule way in advance
If somebody finds co-traveler(s), he or she has to interact with the co-traveler, decide on pickup timings, fare/cost split etc which are hassles for most people
People have to spend significant time in the whole process of posting, wating, interacting etc
Co-traveler(s) in the traditional ridesharing/carpooling can drop out at the last moment, leaving the other person to bear the whole fare/cost or cancel the ride
People worry about ride experience in a shared ride
People worry about ride safety in a shared ride

SlimRide has created a solution which doesn't have these issues associated with traditional ridesharing. Booking a shared ride with SlimRide is as simple as booking a ticket in a bus, train or flight.

SlimRide is a unique end-to-end cab-sharing solutoin designed to make the whole experience for users certain, simple, and hassle-free. Our solution is exactly like booking a seat in a bus, train or flight.

SlimRide is vastly different from other companies out there. First and foremost, we are an end-to-end shared cab provider and not just a matching platform. Providing vechicles, finding co-travelers, pooling etc are all done by us. You just have to book a ride with us and be ready to experience a quality ride on the travel date.

There are many benefits. Some of the major ones are:

Save 50-60% of cost incurred in a comparable cab ride.
Get confirm advance booking upfront, no need to wait to find co-traveler(s)
Get picked up and dropped off right from your doorstep
Pay a flat fare, no hidden or unexpected charges
Travel in good quality sedans with good drivers
Play a part in improving our environment and reducing road traffic

Absolutelty! Once we give you a confirmed booking, we will complete the ride irrespective of other passengers' availability.

You can book a ride through our website or by calling our customer care. We don't have a mobile app as of now. However, our website is completely mobile responsive and you can easily book through a mobile phone or any other device.

Enter the required details and see the available rides
Place the marker at your exact pickup point to get the exact fare and other details
Select the ride that suits you and proceed further by signing in/signing up
Select the payment mode and proceed to confirm the booking
Receive the confirmation details via both Email & SMS within few minutes

We believe in providing as many choices to customers as possible so that they can choose as per their liking. For some rides, there may be 2 options to choose from. The reaching time mentioned on the extreme left will remain the same for both the options. Customers are free to select the Pickup Time/Fare combination they like. The Pickup Time and Fare mentioned for the option you book will be the one applicable to your ride.

Relax and wait to receive vehicle and driver details, to be sent several hours before the ride

Check the Final Pickup Time in the cab details SMS/Email. This will be your pickup time

Be ready five minutes before the final pickup time

Board the cab on time and enjoy a quality ride

Please book a ride after checking the pickup time, reaching time, date, fare etc. Our goal is to provide the best pickup time to each customer so that the time spent during a ride is minimum. In this regard, we send improved pickup times to as many customers as we can in the cab details SMS/Email. The pickup time sent in the cab details SMS/Email is the final pickup time for each customer. Each customer is required to check and be ready five minutes before this final pickup time. The final pickup time may or may not be better than the booked pickup time. Customers are requested to book a ride assumming the shown pickup time as the final pickup time.

Please write to us at support@slimride.com or call us on if you don't receive confirmation details

Currently, for airport or railway station, you can book an entire cab by booking three seats. For office subscription, you can see the option to book a full cab separately

We have a rewarding fare policy which is currently applicable for airport rides. One of our goals is to reward customers who plan smartly and book in advance. The earlier one books, the lower fare he or she will get. Since most people book flight or train tickets well in advance, they can plan and book their cab rides also in advance. We request customers to book their rides with us as early as possible to get the lowest fares.

No! The fare does not increase even if you are the only one traveling in the car.

Yes, you don't need to pay anything extra for airport or railway station rides. For any other service, the customer has to pay any toll, parking, or any other government charges as incurred

For kids upto five years of age, we don't charge anything extra. For kids above five years, we charge the normal way as done for adults.

Payment can be done online at the time of booking or in cash at the end of the trip. Some rides may have only online payment as the option.

For all services except office subscription, you can cancel the ride through your SlimRide account or contact SlimRide support for the same. For cancellation of office subscription, you have to email us at support@slimride.com for cancelling a ride.

Yes. You can check the details on Terms & Conditions page

No, we never cancel rides due to co-travelers' unavailability.

If you tell us about the delay in advance, we will try to accomodate you in some other cab. If the delay is long or the delay information is provided only at the time of pickup, it may become difficult for us to accomodate you in another trip. If a customer(s) is not able to board the cab by the pickup time or by the maximum waiting time allowed for the booking because of flight delay, refund/cancellation charge will be applicable as mentioned in the Terms & Conditions

We provide different offers from time to time. You can check the offers on the Offers and More page.

If you are found not meeting any offer condition, we may in such case rescind the offer.

Please check the offer conditions and verify your eligibility. Contact us if you think you are eligible but offer not getting applied.

Please avoid doing this. We decide the pickup/drop order in an optimal way and don't entertain requests in this regard.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

Be ready for pick up at your location at the pickup time mentioned
Please don’t ask the driver to take any specific route or drop you first or last. Trust on us! We have developed the pickup, drop, and route decisions very carefully
Avoid asking the driver to stop in between to pick up or purchase some item
Respect your co-passengers and the driver

1 Trolley/suitcase + 1 backpack per customer for shared airport/railway station bookings.

Reimbursement or refund in such cases will be provided as per the Terms & Conditions mentioned here Terms & Conditions.

We pool customers in an optimal manner. We place a high emphasis on optimal pooling and restrict the extra time taken over the normal direct travel. We also take into account the typical traffic conditions to further optimize our services. Normally, our customers are either from along the way in a ride or from nearby locations.

We try to pool females only, on a priority basis. However, we cannot guarantee to pool female passengers only with female passengers.