About Us

SlimRide is a unique cab-sharing solution designed with the aim of providing convenient but low cost road travel alternatives to people. We intend to bring in all the benefits of ridesharing to road travel as well as plug in the gaps in existing cab industry. Currently we provide shared pickup and drop services for airport and railway stations in Bangalore at very low fares compared to that for normal cabs.

Why Rideshare or Cab-share?

Ridesharing is an obvious answer to reduce the cost of travel. Further, as the roads remain the same but our population continues to grow, we are bound to see continuous increase in number of vehicles on road which will lead to worsening road traffic, more environmental degradation, and faster fossil fuel depletion. In such a situation, ridesharing or carpooling becomes a no-brainer solution that not only saves people significant amount of money but also alleviates those issues. In essence, one should rideshare or cab-share:

  • To reduce the cost of travel
  • To protect the environment
  • To save non-renewable fuel
  • To reduce traffic and in turn reduce travel time

Despite several benefits ridesharing or carpooling has remained just an ideal solution in theory and a very limited alternative in practice. We believe that the reasons for the same are:

  • People are often unable to find co-travelers or shared rides
  • People have to wait for days to find co-travelers
  • People see too many hassles in the existing options where they have to i) post a request, ii) interact with co-travelers, iii) decide on time, route etc, and iv) split the cost or fare
  • People have concerns on traveling with strangers

Our cab-sharing proposition aims to resolve all the issues and create a strong culture of ridesharing in practicality. Our goal at SlimRide is to make ridesharing the preferred mode of transportation for most individuals on most occasions. We are trying to remove the bottlenecks existing in the ridesharing industry currently. Know more from here How It Works? Why Us? Check availability and introductory fares in Bangalore here Book Now

Use our shared services for airport and railway stations for a hassle-free, convenient, and affordable ride. We look forward to continued engagement with our customers to perpetually improve our services.